1)       Driving the vehicle is only permitted for the tenant(s) registered with the lessor. The tenant has provided proof that he/she is legally capable of driving a vehicle on Bonaire CN. He/she must carry the driver's license with him/her at all times when driving the vehicle. The tenant has a minimum age of 23 or 21 years with a valid driver's license for at least 2 years.


2)       The lessor is obliged to make the car available in a sound condition at the start of the rental period. The tenant is responsible for determining any surface damage or other notes regarding the condition of the vehicle at the start of the rental period.


3)       The tenant is obliged to pay the total rent, including the deposit, before the start of the rental period. If there is a longterm agreement, the rent will be charged per month and must be paid before the start of each month. If the vehicle is returned early, no refund of the agreed rent will be given. In case of late return, an extra day will be charged.


4)       The tenant accepts the vehicle with liability insurance (WA) at a level required by law on Bonaire CN, unless otherwise specified. This level does not include coverage for damage to the vehicle in the event that the driver is found guilty. Said tenants are responsible for ensuring that the insurance documentation relating to the vehicle is present in the vehicle at all times.


5)       The tenant must comply with the laws and regulations at all times. He/she will not use a phone or tablet while driving the vehicle, not drink alcohol or use narcotics while or before driving the vehicle. In case of an accident, the tenant will be held responsible for all costs of all parties involved if he/she has not complied with these laws and regulations. The tenants also indemnifies the lessor against all fines, towing costs and/or administrative costs incurred for parking, traffic and/or other violations.


6)       In the event of damage or an accident, the tenant must immediately contact the Security Force. The car must not be moved before the Security Force has arrived to inspect and assess the situation. If the tenant cannot submit (a copy of) the completed damage form to the lessor, all costs will be recovered from the tenant.


7)       The tenant is obliged to immediately inform the lessor when damage has occurred, the vehicle has been stolen or the vehicle indicates that maintenance is required (by means of a warning light in the dashboard or remarkable sounds and/or other signals from the car). In the event of theft or loss, the tenant must hand over the key to the landlord and the deductible will be charged.


8)       The tenant is liable for all damage caused by failure to comply with the obligations of the obligations and general terms and conditions included in the agreement. He/she is also liable for the costs of any damage to the vehicle not caused by normal wear and tear and damage caused by impact with animals, trees, buildings or other objects.


9)       When the vehicle is returned without damage at the end of the rental period, the tenant will receive a full refund of the deposit. If damage is found, the lessor will make an inventory of the amount of the compensation and settle this with the deposit. There is a deductible at all times, if the amount of the deductible is not specified in the agreement, it will be $500.


10)   Disputes regarding this agreement and everything related to or arising from it will be handled according to the law of Bonaire CN. In case of a legal dispute, this will be handled by the court of Bonaire CN.