1) The Named Drivers accept the vehicle for personal, non-business use, as os, for the Dates of Coverage Listed.

2)The Named Drivers accept the vehicle with liability insurance at a level required by law in Bonaire CN. (Note: This level does not include coverage for damage to the vehicle in the event that a Named Driver is deemed at fault.)

3)The Named Drivers have provided proof that they are legally capable of driving in Bonaire CN.

4) The Named Drivers acceot responsibility for understanding and following the rules of the road and confirms the understanding of it. 

5)All Named Drivers are aged above 22 years and have had a driver's license for at least two years: this wil be proven by showing their driver's license.

6)The Named Drivers must carry their driver's license with them at all times when using the vehicle.

7)The Named Drivers are responsible for nothing at the begging of the Dates of Coverage any surface damage or other items of note pertaining to the condition of the vehicle.

8)All Named Drivers residing at the saame property with the Named Driver are collectively responsible for the cost of any damage to the vehicle not caused by normal wear and tear up to the stated replacement value of the vehicle. ( Examples: NOT considered' normal wear and tear' may include a cracked windshield, damage caused by impact with a donkey or other animal, trees or buildings.)

9) All Named Drivers residing at the same property with the named driver are collectively responsible  for the cost of repairing all collision damage to the vehicle regardless if someone else is at fault or the cause is not kown unless one Named Driver accepts responsibility for such collision damage.

10)All NAmed Drivers residing at the same property with the Named Drivers are, either collectively and/or singularly, responsible for paying all fines, towing, any court costs, penalties, and or administrative fees that may incurred for parking, traffic and or violations.

11)The NAmed Drivers agree not to use handheld electronic divices while driving the vehicle, smoking, the drinking of alcohol while and before driving, or use any banned substance by any occupant of the vehicle. In case of an accident, the Named Driver will be held responible for all the costs of all involved parties when not held to these regulations.

12)The named Drivers must immediately inform a reprensenative of Sunset CarRental Bonaire if the vehicle indicates any sign of needing mainteance ( The ilumination of a dashboard warning light, the emmision of a new sound etc.)

11)The vehicle and keys must be returned to a representative of Sunset CarRental Bonaire on or before the end of the Dates of Coverage.

12)In any cas of an accident, there will be a $500,- own risk as well for all-risk. For all-risk, this covers all damage above the own risk sum.
Not applicable for the uso of alcohol, drugs and phone etc. 

13) It's not allowed to enter the National park with the vehicle. Furthermore, off-road driving is also prohibited. Violation will result in a $500,- fine.

14)In any case of a lost of missing car key ,there will be a payment by the named driver. The amount is $150,- USD.

15) For not fuelling up the car will charge the named driver $50,- 

16) Never Lock the car (not even at night ), and never leave valuables in the car.

17) Never leave the key unatended in the car. If Sunset CarRental has to come to with the spare key we will charge you $30,- USD, after 18.00 PM or on saturday's and sunday's we will charge you $45,-

18)Never leave the windows open when you park.

19)When renturning the car, please make sure the car looks presentable. Otherwise there will be a $35,- cleaning cost. Also, when using wet clothing or smoking in the car, $200,- USD will be charged vor professional deep cleaning to the renter. 

20) Any dispute in court will be handled by the court of Bonaire, Caribisch Nederlands ( Dutch Carribean).