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Our available car rentals

KIA Picanto passenger car

Our KIA Picantos are 3 or 5 door hatchbacks from the compact A-segment. It is an amazingly spacious car that is ideal for a tour of the island.

Mini SUV Suzuki SPresso (NEW)

The Suzuki Spresso is the means of transport for the more advantures places on Bonaire. They are more suitable for the dirt roads, however not suitable for Washington Slagbaai National Park.

All our prices incluse allrisk insurance and taxes.

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Price list for Sunset CarRental 2022

  • Kia Picanto

    $ 49,50 per day

  • Kia Picanto

    $ 299,- per week

  • Kia Picanto

    $ 599,- per month (2+ months)

  • SUV

    $ 55,- per day

  • Suzuki Spresso

    $ 49.50 per day

Enjoy your visit to Bonaire with a rental car from Sunset CarRental

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Traffic rules on Bonaire

Driving on Bonaire is a relaxed affair. The maximum speed outside the built-up area is 60 kilometers per hour and within the built-up area 40 kilometers per hour is allowed. In principle, the Dutch traffic rules apply, except that traffic from the right has no priority, but straight-through traffic and all motorists have priority at a roundabout. Not all roads on Bonaire are paved, so driving with a 4-wheel drive is recommended. It is forbidden to drive if you have consumed alcohol.

Where are the best places to visit on Bonaire?

Even though Bonaire is only a small island, there are many beautiful places to visit. It is a lot less touristy than Aruba or Curaçao and nature is really breathtaking. If you go on a tour you can do that via two routes; the north and south route.

North route

Take the northern route via which you can drive to the National Park, always to the left. Part of this route is one-way traffic. Take at least five hours for the National Park and bring enough water and food. You can also go to Goto Lake, where you have an exceptionally beautiful view. And if you want to taste local dishes, make sure to stop in Rincon, the old capital. You can also visit the mangrove area.

South route

From the capital city of Krakendijk you can drive via this route to the salt pyramids and the brine lake. You can also visit the mangrove area.

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